Tuesday, February 22

Fill in the Blank Tuesday

I got this idea from The Curious Pug's blog. 

I am a mother, and a daughter. Sensitive, sentimental, and compassionate.
The bravest thing I've ever done was give birth to my daughter 100 % naturally with no painkillers, induction and only a midwife and nurses present.

I feel prettiest when my hair is messy, my eyeliner is still on from the day before, and I am wearing bright colors.

Something that keeps me awake at night is mistakes I've made in the past.

My favorite meal in the entire world is impossible to decide! My tastes change all the time and I love cooking and trying new things, so I can't say that I have only one favorite! I love cooking vegan; Indian, Mediterranean and Italian are some of my favorites.

The way to my heart is through kindness towards others and an open mind.

I would like to travel, find love again, have more children, create art, write children's books, own a house with a flower and vegetable garden, get involved more in politics, touch and improve the lives of as many people as I can.


Della said...

This is cool Liz. I learned a little more about you :)

Buster said...

Hi honey, keep up the nifty writing and positive attitude. Its very rewarding observing you as baby grows beautifully. God bless and keep you both. Dad

Robin Norgren said...

you "I would like" list is simply beautiful...

jascamille said...

Great idea!

Rachel W K said...

Great post! Nice to read about fellow crafters lives and dreams :)