Friday, February 4

Great Stuff!

Good afternoon!
It is sunny and snowy here in Wisconsin... 

Lila had a pediatrician appointment today, her two-month check up. All is well but she had to get three shots which was very painful, for her and for me! Her face got so red and she held her breath for a few seconds -- it made me cry! I'm sure I'm not the only parent who reacts this way?!

Anyways, she is sleeping well now so I am taking advantage of this opportunity to get some stuff done! I am working on some cards with fun printed papers - very springy looking stuff. I also ordered some stamps that shipped out two days ago, so I am hoping they will arrive today! 

Who doesn't love free stuff? 
MadebyJacqueline is hosting her first "blog candy" giveaway! The winner will be drawn when she reaches 150 followers, so take a look! For details on how to enter this giveaway, check out her blog, and good luck! 

I have to say this blogging thing is very cool, I wish I had 15 more hours in the day to spend reading everyone's blogs. I just love the atmosphere, everyone is so friendly and interesting, I just love artsy people! Thank you for being one of them! :)

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Jacqueline said...

Thank-you for posting! - so awesome
Much Love - who doesn't love giveaways!
~ Jacquelinee