Tuesday, February 15

Happy Valentine's Day (late)

I was so busy doing amazingly spontaneous and romantic things yesterday that I had absolutely no time to post in my silly blog. Actually I had a doctor's appointment and spent the rest of the day reading other people's blogs. It was a great day!

I did witness a cute thing at the doctor's office yesterday. While I was waiting for my ride, a man came in and started talking to me about my daughter (whom I was holding). He told me that he had four kids and several grandkids, and he wished he could have skipped the kids and gone right to the grandkids. Anyway, as we were talking a woman came out into the waiting area, and he said "Well, since your here!" and I thought perhaps he was a patient of hers or something, because she looked very stunned and unimpressed to see him. Turns out she was totally surprised because he was her husband of 36 years surprising her on Valentine's Day! He brought her a gift, and she ran out and kissed him (while someone else in the waiting room yelled "get a room") and it was very sweet. It certainly brightened my day.

I did have a nice dinner with my family. My Dad and I cooked dinner, and my Mom made dessert. For dessert we had:

A tray of yummy goodies and...

Chocolate Fondue!



paish said...

i've had this weird craving for marshmallows lately and i want to stuff my face in them on that plate.

also cute story, those moments between older people always warm my heart.

Orangies Attic said...


Rachel W K said...

The only thing that makes Valentine's Day worthwhile is the chocolate anyways! What a sweet story, I hope that happens to me someday!

Della said...

We did the chocolate fondue, too! So yummy! My hubby is a chocolate fiend!

Annette said...

Great Valentine's story! I could use some chocolate right now!