Saturday, February 19

Birthday Photos!

I never actually posted photos from my birthday yet, so here they are:
 My Vegan Birthday Cake!

 Lila in her cute strawberry outfit and me!

My birthday present to myself! Thank you to Kaylah of The Dainty Squid for blogging about these awesome Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail polish strips! Aren't they amazing? So much cheaper than actually going to a salon, and I can say I did it myself! (I love saying that)

I also want to give a special shout out to the Etsy Blog Team (EBT). It is a great way to get connected with other bloggers and ask any questions you might have about blogging. You can join here.

Happy weekend everyone!


Etsy Blog Team said...

I love the nail art!!

Donna said...

Love those nails! I've wondered how well those nail strips work. Were they easy to apply? How long do they last? So cute!

MissMerryweathersCreations said...

Yeah they were really easy to apply, and the best part was no dry time! They are lasting well so far, its been three days! The package says they can last "up to 10 days" but I think I will get sick of them and change before then!

Dyche Designs said...

Happy Birthday, love the nails.

Della said...

What is in a vegan cake? I'm really interested. Love your nails! Also, I joined the Etsy blog team, so now I need to add their blog button to my blog. Thanks Liz!

Freebies Mom said...

Happy Birthday!
Found your blog at Taras hop.
Happy to be following you now.
Freebies Mom