Tuesday, May 31

Top Ten Time Wasting Websites #9: Amazon.com

Have I ever mention that I have teeny tiny shopping addiction? Well because of this, Amazon is one of my favorite virtual places to be. You can buy almost anything there, and often times at much cheaper prices than other stores or websites. If you love books, like I do, you might want to freeze your credit card before you check it out. Here are some things on my Amazon wishlist:

What was the last thing you bought from Amazon?

Monday, May 30

Time for Father's Day!

Here we are, the second-to-last day in May and I am finally getting my Father's cards up for sale. I tried to do a variety of themes because ya never know. I didn't end up getting any mother's day cards up, because I was so busy making them for my family! But here are my latest creations:

 Which one is your favorite? Making masculine cards is a challenge for me, so I'd love to hear what you think!

Sunday, May 29

Top Ten Time Wasting Websites #10: Facebook

In a list of my top 10 time-wasting websites, Facebook is #10 because I honestly don't use it that much. Maybe once every other day. Which shows you how much I use all the other websites I will list in the next few days.

Time for some Facebook humor:
(via: klemba)

(via: grammkin)

(via: devionart)

A map of Facebook use! (via: pinterest)

(via: gatekeeper)

Check back soon for the rest of the countdown!

Friday, May 27

TGIF Favorites!

Happy Friday! I have very busy this week getting ready for our vacation, and I have been neglecting my blog. But I have lots of fun things planned for the next couple weeks, so stay tuned! And now my most recent favorites! Enjoy!

I love this remixed vintage suitcase! Its so perfect for a little girl.
I adore this musical giraffe print by bconnordesign!
Eeep! I need this! By Spacejam.
This sweater looks so slouchy and comfy. 
This is the book I am reading right now. I would highly recommend it!
The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls
Awesome! By shopmichellerose.

What are you reading these days?
That's all for now, see ya'll real soon!

Saturday, May 21

Sleeping like a...

Lila looks so cute when she sleeps in her car seat! I feel like it is my momly duty to bring my camera everywhere because I never know when she will be adorable. Well she is always adorable, but I mean especially extra-super-cutely adorable! Anyways...

Don't you just love that leopard print headband!?!? My Dad got it for her "so people can tell she's a girl." Haha I don't know what to say to that. But I think it is just darling. And you can see her favorite toy, a squeaky french giraffe named Sofie, in the top picture. I am so glad the weather is warmer and I don't have to bundle her all up in three layers and hats and blankets! I can actually take her out of her car seat and carry her outside! Its wonderful!!
(Psssst- if your wondering about the eye patch, read the story here.)
and she will be SIX MONTHS OLD next week!!! I think I am going to have a half-birthday party!!

Friday, May 20

TGIF Favorites #4

 I need this clock for my craft room!
I love this top so much!
This just makes me smile!
 Homemade Twix bars! OMG!!!
 I love this handmade creation!! I wish I had the skills to do this.
(via: re-nest
 I need to make one of these! I am head over heels for this!
(via: ohdeedoh)

Awesome hand-made photo booth props! Click here for the tutorial.
These are coasters!

This is just so amazing and beautiful.
(via unknown)

 Fun Links
Awesome DIY with fruit: Kokokokids
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Very interesting! The miscellaneous ramblings of a scientist/surgeon: Respectful Insolence
In case you need more reading material: 50 Food Blogs You Should Be Reading

Happy Friday!!!!