Thursday, May 12

The Sweetest Little Things

Like my baby finding her foot for the first time!!!!
She was so entertained that I had time to run a grab my camera!
On Tuesday, the weather was wonderful. So we went on a day trip! My Dad and I got subs and we drove over to a park where we had a picnic. Lila is all ready for summer:

 and we set up a little umbrella contraption to keep her shaded, and she found her foot again! She totally loves being outside.
 Then we went swinging for her first time!! I was hoping the swing would have straps so I could swing her by herself, buy this was totally awesome.

How are you enjoying the warm weather?


Rachel W K said...

What a big day of Firsts! Those are adorable pictures and I love her little sunglasses... so chic!


Jessica said...

Love it when baby's find their feet. TFS..your little one is to adorable...Rocking Glam Diva!
Raining again here in Ohio :O(

- Jessi - said...

Too cute! hehe those sunglasses are adorable

Orange Blossom Boutique said...

Baby Lila is so adorable in those sunglasses!

I haven't been enjoying the warm weather. I've been stuck inside working on pics for my Etsy shop.sigh.