Tuesday, May 31

Top Ten Time Wasting Websites #9: Amazon.com

Have I ever mention that I have teeny tiny shopping addiction? Well because of this, Amazon is one of my favorite virtual places to be. You can buy almost anything there, and often times at much cheaper prices than other stores or websites. If you love books, like I do, you might want to freeze your credit card before you check it out. Here are some things on my Amazon wishlist:

What was the last thing you bought from Amazon?


SewSavoirFaire Creations said...

The last thing "I" bought (it was my mom actually but it was for my upcoming birthday is an Olympus PEN camera which I found while researching prices and Amazon was by far the least expensive. Prior to that...books...and lots of them!

Della said...

The last thing I bought on Amazon was drill bits, and collets for my dremel.

I love Amazon!

Rachel W K said...

Agree 100%, although this would be my #1 time waster FOR SURE. Online shopping is a bad bad naughty habit! The last thing i bought of amazon was my Silhouette SD cutter woohoo!