Friday, May 20

TGIF Favorites #4

 I need this clock for my craft room!
I love this top so much!
This just makes me smile!
 Homemade Twix bars! OMG!!!
 I love this handmade creation!! I wish I had the skills to do this.
(via: re-nest
 I need to make one of these! I am head over heels for this!
(via: ohdeedoh)

Awesome hand-made photo booth props! Click here for the tutorial.
These are coasters!

This is just so amazing and beautiful.
(via unknown)

 Fun Links
Awesome DIY with fruit: Kokokokids
Make Baby Stuff!!
Very interesting! The miscellaneous ramblings of a scientist/surgeon: Respectful Insolence
In case you need more reading material: 50 Food Blogs You Should Be Reading

Happy Friday!!!!


Janet said...

Your picks are so fun! I love love love the homemade twix bar idea and need that medicine chest too!

Della said...

Homemade Twix! Wow and yum! I bookmarked that page.

Remaking Memories said...

Those homemade twix bars look to die for! New follower here. I was just in Madison last month...I love that city!

Lulu Grey said...

The Dog photo totally made me smile. Great roundup.

Sher said...

I love the dog! I haven't seen anything like that before. So funny and cute.