What is Prancing in the Rain?

 Prancing in the Rain is my little corner of the the internet to share inspiration and to interact with lovely people. I blog about a variety of topics including parenting, fashion, work, being crafty, cooking and baking, home decor, and my struggle with positive thinking while dealing with depression.
About Depression
You will see a lot of posts about positive thinking, my philosophy on life, and wisdom I find along the way. I find positive thinking is essential to fighting my battle with depression. It is not always easy to think positive, and blogging about it helps. I also hope that this will help others who need the benefit of positive thinking.

     This is a lifestyle blog, about me and my life. Depression is part of my life, so part of this blog is about depression. I do not blog about being depressed. You will not find any desperate rantings in the middle of the night (I do experience these - I just don’t publish them). I incorporate depression into the blog by writing about ways to stay positive. I post about things that make me happy, and uplifting thoughts. Most of what I post about is, in effect related to depression because most of my life I am trying to avoid getting caught up in it.

About the Name
Prancing in the Rain - Depression is like a rain cloud that is always over you. Sometimes it pours down on you so hard you can’t see where you are going or even bear to take another step. Sometimes it sprinkles just enough to make everything in you day a little more challenging. Sometimes it just hovers over you ominously, reminding you that at any minute it could ruin your day.

You cannot avoid this cloud. You have to keep walking. You can’t stop and take cover, for it will overcome you. As long as you are moving, you can stay strong. You have to keep walking through the rain. And if you have to walk, you might as well prance.

Prancing is fun! Have you ever tried it? Its like walking, only waaaay more fun and self-expressive. Its something that you can’t do without smiling. I’m smiling just thinking about it. But when you are prancing, you are also going somewhere. Its not the same as dancing (which is it totally awesome in its own right and I love it very much), where you stay in one place. Prancing is a form of traveling that gets you from one point to another. It just gets you there in style.  

If you have to walk in the rain
 you might as well prance!