Monday, December 26

Merry Christmas!

 Earlier in the week we visited Santa at the mall...

 ...It didn't go so well.

Sunday, December 25

My New Team!

Good Afternoon!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate!) and I wish you a very happy New Year!
I will be posting Christmas photos of the baby very soon! But first, I have an announcement to make!

I recently created a new team on Etsy: Etsy Shoppers and Shop Owners (ESASO) Team! I created this team as a place for people who love to shop and also are looking to promote their shop. I welcome anyone into the team, nothing is required to be a member! I am very excited to see that we already have 250+ members! I hope that it gets much bigger. I will be using this blog to promote members of the team, to do blog hops and giveaways. But it will remain my personal blog as well.

Here are some lovely items from some of the team members so far:
(you may recognize this from my TGIF Favorites :))

So come join the fun!! 
Special Thanks to my team leaders Rene, Yakitoko, and Kimberly!

Thursday, December 15

I am loving...

I am so totally in love with this song right now! Celtic Woman's newest Concert, Believe, just aired on PBS last weekend and this was one of the songs. It is just so beautiful, eery and romantic at the same time! I highly recommend you check them out if you haven't yet!!

Tuesday, December 13

Vintage Decor

I looove awesome home decor. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things in a friend of mine's home. She sells vintage clothing part time so she has a great sense of style and an awesome collecting of things:
 Awesome lamp stand...
 I absolutely adore this embroidered piece. My friend's Grandmother made it! This is the kind of thing I  dream about finding on a thrifting trip!
 Vintage leather lace-up dress...
 Knick Knacks and other treasures...
 Some of the vintage dresses she plans to sell on Ebay...
 Other treasures...
 Oops! Hehe.
 Vintage purses and bags...
And a lovely rug!
Do you ever feel inclined to take photos of someone's home whose decor you absolutely adore?

Monday, December 12

Etsy Love: Gingerly Spice

So around the time I was doing my Christmas Card giveaway, I entered a ton of other people's giveaways, and I was so excited to find out that I won a giveaway from Gingerly Spice!
First it came in this adorable wrapped box with a sweet thank-you note.
When I unwrapped the box, I realized this box was made of hand-folded paper! What a neat idea!
The ornament was absolutely stunning. This photo truly doesn't do it justice.
The ribbons were perfectly curled and the bright apple-green sparkles were just delightful! I can't wait to hang this on my future Christmas tree in my future apartment!

Ruth and Deborah have been kind enough to offer 15% off to all my readers with the code HEART. So check out there shop for some fabulous Christmas shopping!
Here is a sample of other goodies in their shop:
What's your favorite?

Sunday, December 11

Birthday Girl!

Lila's birthday was weeks ago, but since she was sick and other stuff came up, I haven't had a chance to post anything about her birthday! So here are some photos celebrating my favorite one-year-old!
 With the family I nanny for we had a mini party where she opened presents, they sang to her, and I brought rainbow cupcakes!
 The girls were very excited to give her gift! They are such sweet kids!
 And two lovely handmade cards! I'm thinking about employing them to work for my shop, what do ya think?

I was so grateful to them for being willing to have a little celebration for her, because our house is just too small to do anything in. Plus I didn't want to throw a huge stressful party that she wouldn't even remember. So I'll save the stressful parties for when she is older!
(Actually, I love planning parties I just have to have my own place to do it in!)
We did have a little celebration at home too of course, just my parents and me and Lila.
Just in ase
 She was still sick on her actual birthday, she had just IV fluids the night before so she was feeling a lot better, and she even tried some cake!
 Lila got a xylophone from Grandma!
 And some bristle blocks from me!
She was a very sweet girl on her birthday. It was nice, relaxing, and memorable.