Monday, January 14

"Scoops" Review

Pictures from our recent trip to check out "Scoops" - a spa/salon just for kids!
Scoops specializes in manicures, pedicures, and haircuts for little kids! They also have a sparkling bubble bath station where kids can mix up their own bubble bath or shower gel, pick their colors and add glitter!
They only have one stylist that works there, so they were running behind when we got there and Lila was having trouble waiting, despite the cute decor.
Also, they get our appointment day wrong so when I got there they were expecting us to come the next day... so we ended up having to wait an extra hour+ for an appointment that day.
 Overall it was an adorable place and the people were friendly enough, but I wasn't super pleased with Lila's haircut and I probably won't go back there. 
But if you have a little girl who would love this kind of thing - it sure would be a fun place to have a birthday party.

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