Sunday, May 29

Top Ten Time Wasting Websites #10: Facebook

In a list of my top 10 time-wasting websites, Facebook is #10 because I honestly don't use it that much. Maybe once every other day. Which shows you how much I use all the other websites I will list in the next few days.

Time for some Facebook humor:
(via: klemba)

(via: grammkin)

(via: devionart)

A map of Facebook use! (via: pinterest)

(via: gatekeeper)

Check back soon for the rest of the countdown!


Urban Heirlooms said...

LOL! That was fun. That birthday card cracks me up! Happy Weekend :)

Della said...

I'm not much of a Facebook user either. A couple of times a week.

I can't wait to see what the other 9 time wasters are, and if I do any of them!