Wednesday, February 9


Today was a tough day. I had a long conversation with a person I'd rather not speak to, and it was tense and stressful. But I came out feeling stronger.

Some good things that happened today:

My baby smiled at me a lot
I got inspired to create several new cards (not posted yet)
I got a postcard from a friend in France
I ate fresh baked cookies
I made a new treasury:
My baby is sleeping right now!
The sun was out

That's all for now, hopefully tomorrow I will have a longer list.

Goodnight all!
 ~Miss M


Orange Blossom Boutique said...

I love your treasury! I commented on it on the treasury. The elephant treasury is cute, too. It looks like you're having fun! I joined a couple of teams this morning, but haven't heard anything back yet. I hope being on a team is helpful, and fun!

Rachel W K said...

stay strong and don't let negative people make you negative with them! love the treasury, how i wish i was there now!