Sunday, February 20

Did You Know...Crayola's Favorite Color is Green!

So I went grocery shopping today. amidst all the food stuff I was desperate for some new crafty thing, so I stopped in the school supplies aisle and picked up a pack of Crayola Colored Pencils. As I was reading the package I learned something; Crayola is eco-friendly! Apparently Crayola colored pencils have been made from reforested wood since 1987! That's even before green was the new black. They also use solar panels and recycled plastic! 

Did you know... their solar panels provide enough power to make one billion crayons each year?
                    ... their use of recycled plastic in markers keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year. To learn more about the Crayola Eco-Evolution, click here.

It really makes me happy to know that companies are trying to be respectful of the planet. As a crafter, I use a lot of consumable products, which isn't very "green" of me. So when I come across something like this, I want to show my support!
What do you do (if you are a crafter) to be "green"? Any other eco-friendly brands that you would like to share?


Della said...

I love that Crayola is 'green'! Good for them, and us! I'll have to do some research to find other eco friendly brands.

BennBooCreations said...

I have loved Crayola Crayons since the day I was able to hold one (and I suppose I've eaten a few too:).
Good information!!