Thursday, February 3

Thoughts at 3 am

First  I want to say thank you to Della, who told me about and Etsy Minis! I set up a gadget for both on my blog which may be unnecessary, but I figure it will be useful once I post more items for sale.

And thank you to everyone who has commented on my post, and who are now following me! This is very addicting (I guess that's why I'm doing it at 3:10 am after feeding my 2 month old) and lots of fun. 

I hope I get time to work on stuff tomorrow (technically today). I have been wanting to make confetti to sell on Etsy, in various shapes. I have tons of paper I don't use and I have the hole punches... so I figure why not? Not sure if I should categorize it under supplies or handmade though, since it is technically both... probably supplies right?


Della said...

I popped over to follow you on Google, and was surprised to see your 3am post. I'm having a bout of insomnia!

About the confetti, I'd say supplies. You can add handmade as one of your tags!

Pattie said...

Oh cool!
I have a 2 month old too :D You little one is very precious btw.

Oh and if you go to You can post your shop and blog link and add the button to your blog if you like :)

ambrosia said...

this is only the beginning love!
You'll probably check back about 30 times a day to read new blog posts, lol!