Monday, February 7

Life is Beautiful

I know things are going well when its February and I can say that life is beautiful. Usually this time of year I am holed up watching reruns of Law & Order and playing the Sims and refusing to go out with my friends. Does anyone else have this reaction to the last months of winter? 

However this year I am feeling inspired to enjoy every minute of life, to live my dreams and follow my heart. Becoming a mother really does things to you! 

In honor of this great feeling of inspiration, and because I've been discovering so many challenges that bloggers are doing and I really like the idea, I am starting my own challenge! Since I have never done this before, I would like some advice and suggestions before I post it. Have you done a challenge before? What have you learned about them? What is good motivation for participation? Anything besides prizes, because I don't have a lot of money to spend on that.
I really appreciate any suggestions, I will give you credit when I post my challenge blog! 

Also, I happened upon the "critique games" team on Etsy, and there was a forum with treasury challenges, where you comment on the person's treasury before you, then they give you a theme to create your own treasury. The theme I got was "there's an elephant in the room". It's the first treasury I've ever made! Take a look! You should check out the team if you haven't already, its lots of fun!!

(I'm trying to rise above all this forum vs team drama because I am relatively new to Etsy, and I don't have a strong opinion. However clearly some people have very strong opinions, and I totally want to respect that. That's all I have to say about that.)

Peace, Love, & Beauty,
Miss Merryweather

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Rachel W K said...

i love your treasury! I can find myself spending hours browsing that darn etsy site just making one collection! I don't have any good challenge ideas, unfortunately, but please let me know when you come up with some! they always sound like so much fun