Wednesday, February 16

Its My Birthday!

I am totally not above telling everyone its my birthday!! Why not?? 


So far it is a very relaxed day here, my daughter kept me up all night and now she is sleeping soundly... so when she wakes up, my Dad and I (and she) will go out to brunch! I just can't wake a sleeping baby, even on my birthday! 

So, while I wait, here are some things I want to do before my next birthday:

-Learn how to crochet & knit
-Start watercolor painting again
-Clean out my storage locker
-Plan for the future
-Visit my extended family and stay in contact
-Take a dance class
-Reclaim my indentity
-Finish my scrapbooks
-Paint unpainted furniture
-Remember other people's birthdays
-Cook more, especially vegan
-Have a job (I wish etsy counted, but it doesn't)

Taking a look back, this year has definitely been the most life-changing year of my life! Of course it was, because I had a child! But a year ago today I never would have seen myself here. NEVER. Last year if you had told me that in a year I would get pregnant, break up with my boyfriend, leave Milwaukee, leave all my friends, give up dancing,  move in with my parents and have my baby, I would have asked for some of what you were smoking. (Except maybe for the boyfriend part, because I wasn't happy with him even then.) But now here I am! And I am sooooo much better than I was last year. I am so thankful for everything that has happened because it was all meant to be!

Here's Proof:

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Charlene said...

These snapshots are adorable...have a Happy Birthday!

jascamille said...

Happy Birthday fellow Feburarian ( That can't be word )! Mine is the on the 23!

Emily said...

OMG look at her adorable face!!! I love the expression on the first one so much! :) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ;)

Annette said...

Happy Birthday!!! Those pictures are just precious. Sounds like you've had some major life changing events happen. I hope the coming year is full of happiness and love for you!

Della said...

Happy Birthday! (even if it is belated) There is nothing more precious in the world than our children, then our grandchildren. I hope you and your little one have a wonderful year!