Thursday, February 17

Are we losing our democracy?

I have to say a word about what's going on here in Madison, WI. Its not Egypt, but we are on the national news (CNN) today because the public school teachers are striking all over southern Wisconsin. There is also a rally in the State Capitol full of people. The reason for this behavior is because our new Governor Scott Walker is threatening to pass his "budget repair bill" that will take away collective bargaining rights, in other words eliminate unions. So the state workers are rallying and the public school teachers are on strike. CNN claimed that the teachers here are taking paid sick days for this strike, but that is untrue! I am living here in the middle of it, both my parents work for the state, and the school system is demanding that teachers report, and if they don't they do not get paid.It makes me so angry that CNN in lying.

- If this bill passes the state will be paying significantly less for health insurance and retirement, so that money will be coming out of state workers salary.
- We will lose our ability to fight this because Walker will eliminate unions by taking away the right of state employees to collectively bargain.
- In the Capitol, Walker is refusing to budge, and the legislature is supposed to be voting on the bill today but (thankfully) the democrats have refused to show up. So as long as one democrat does not show, they cannot vote on this bill. No one is budging. 
- In the papers, you can see that most the protesters are willing to give up some of their benefits to help the state's budget, but they feel that cutting their collective bargaining rights is going to far. I agree.

If you agree, I would appreciate you sharing this post with others who might agree! I usually am not very politically motivated, but the fact that this is happening right in my own city and the media is lying about it, just makes me want to get the truth out!!

This is our Capitol right now:
 Here is a link with more info: 

Thanks everyone.

**I don't claim to be an expert on politics, or to know what the solution to our problems are, I just have a strong belief that people deserve to know the truth and everyone should be treated fairly!!**


AmyK said...

I have been hearing about it a fair amount, but that's probably because I am right across the border from you! I know our city/state/county employee unions have taken pay cuts or other similar concessions during tight times, so it seems ridiculous that they would take away collective bargaining, rather than just having a pay cut, hiring freeze or some such. But, then again, I am crazy pro-union, so that makes it kind of hard to understand the reasoning behind Walkers actions.

MissMerryweathersCreations said...

I think the "reasoning" behind Walker's actions is that he is being pressured by the republican party to destroy unions, because that will help to destroy the democratic party. Its not even about the budget really, because Wisconsin's isn't as bad as it was two years ago. This is more about politics and less about the budget.

I agree with you, and people are even saying they are okay with pay cuts as long as they don't lose their collective bargaining rights! Seem reasonable to me!

Thank you for your comment!

SisterBatik said...

You are absolutely right for getting passionate about this!

No need for your disclaimer "don't claim to be an expert on politics" - you don't need to be political to know what is innately unjust and hurts some of the most valuable people in society - our teachers! Where would any of us be without having been educated!

I am in the UK, but stand beside you in this!

ps found you through the Etsy Blog Team and following you now.