Saturday, March 17

Wardrobe Art: Winter Fading

Winter is finally faded and no, I am not sad about it at all! We got a couple good snowfalls and that is enough for me. The day these photos were taken was the first really "warm" day (low 60s) and it came on so suddenly that there was still snow on the ground!
I rushed home from work, planning my outfit on the way, jumped into the shower and swept outside with Lila to get these photos while the light was still good! Lila just loved it. She stopped every few feet to pick up leaves and explore the ground.
Lila also loves being outside just so she can walk up and down the sidewalk. We live on a slight hill so she quickly learned that walking uphill is easier than down hill. She walked about two blocks by herself!

How has the weather been where you are? How are you celebrating?

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Aulani Photography and BH Giveaways said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like a perfect moment to seize some warmth. We had a big storm roll in here but I love the cold :)

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