Sunday, March 11

Just Smile

We lost an hour on the clock today. It feels like 4:30 in morning and I have to drive to work in the dark. So today is all about smiling. This post is designed for you to play the video while you read the post and look at the pictures. Enjoy!

Video of Celtic Woman singing "Smile" as part of their "Believe" concert shot live at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia
Smiling doesn't equal happiness, nor does it cause sadness to go away. But the philosophy of this song and these words are that by smiling you are rejecting the negative thoughts that are trying to take over. By smiling you are choosing to think positive. You are loving yourself. You are declaring to the universe that you want to be happy, that you deserve to be happy, and you know it!

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Another great thing about smiling is that is often causes others to smile back at you. Sometimes a smile from a stranger can turn my mood from melancholy to optimistic. I do not know why they are smiling at me, but I imagine it is because they are happy to see me, and wishing me well. That is generally what I am thinking when I smile at someone!
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Smiling also makes you look and feel more attractive. You've heard the expression "A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear." and its true! I certainly feel like my smile is one of my best assets, and I always notice people who smile a lot. I feel more comfortable around people who smile more. 
image via: coolpics

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about your problem right at this moment. Take a minute to smile. Walk around the house, school, work, grocery store, or wherever you go, and smile. Try smiling at strangers, and see what they do. 
Let me know how it works out for you!

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