Friday, March 9

Hi! Happy Friday! I have to work this weekend, so today is basically my weekend. I hope you all have a great Friday!

Last week I shared an adorable spring coat, and this week I just have to share another one with you! I love the color and the shape of this coat, and I would love to experiment with different ways of wearing this!
via: romwe

This dress is just plain awesome. It looks pretty basic from afar, but up close you can see the funky map detail and it really has character!
via: modcloth

These shoes are so elegant and feminine. I adore them and I think they would look good with distressed denim, pastel dresses, or a pretty spring coat like the one above. I just love lace, don't you?

I am just in love with this manicure done by Makeup Savvy, based off of Zooey Deschanel's new style. Be sure to check out Makeup Savvy's 30 days of nails project if you like nail polish! I think this one will be perfect for spring.
 via: makeup savvy

Everything about this photo... the fresh flowers, the floral pillowcases and the fact that they are mismatched, the insanely beautiful quilt, and the neutral white background.
 via: Cosias de Orlas

This is my favorite photo of Phoebe Gazel's home on Design Sponge. But all of the photos are amazing and inspiring. I think looking at pictures of the interior of people's homes is my favorite thing ever.
via: Design Sponge

What are you loving this week?

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