Saturday, March 10

Wardrobe Art: Winter Colors

So I am breaking one of the rules of outfit photos with this one; all the clutter! But honestly, Lila was occupied and it would have totally distracted her to clean up the room. So oh well, I hope it doesn't offend you too much!
 The necklace is authentic vintage: it used to be my Mom's! I actually used to have it in my "dress up" box when I was a kid. The shirt was thrifted, the skirt is very old from American Apparel. I actually wore this skirt a lot when I was pregnant because of the elastic waist.
 The tights are from We Love Colors and the boots are from Delia's. I love the combination of olive green, grey, mustard yellow, and brown for midwinter. 
While I was doing that, Lila was busy doing this:
In case you can't tell, she's sitting in the windowsill reading books!

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