Sunday, March 4

My Philosophy


Our thoughts will become our destiny? That is kind of a scary concept. That the little things that run through our head everyday will someday control how our life turns out. But I can really relate to this quote. One of the main things I focus on in my life is positive thinking. It is something that is essential for people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Because everything starts with your state of mind. While I can't always control what kind of mood I am in when I wake up, I can control what I think about, and how I look at things.

And sometimes those negative thoughts creep into my mind and refuse to leave, in which case I turn on some music and sing at the top of my lungs, or take a hot shower (and sing at the top of lungs) or dance around the room with Lila (and we sing at the top of our lungs). Another thing that works is chocolate. And ice cream. The point is, when you can't keep your thoughts positive, don't give in to the negative. Use distraction to keep yourself from falling into the pit of negativity.

And thoughts really do become your actions. And actions really do become your habits. And whether you like it or not, your habits are your values. You may want to deny this notion to your dying breath (I know some people who would), but the things you do on a regular basis represent who you are. Simply saying that you do or believe something does not make it one of your values. Your values are comprised of the things you actually do and believe on a daily basis. Which suggests that many people may not be entirely aware of what their true values are.

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riorita said...

Great quote of the Muhandas Mahatma Gandhi! Will try to think positive.Sometimes it is not easy to do!