Sunday, March 18

My City: Sunrises on the Lake

These photos were all taken on different days in February and March, before daylight savings, on my way to work. (I stopped and got out of the car to take them... don't worry I wasn't photographing while driving!).
Now that daylight savings has happened, I no longer get to see the sun rise on my way to work. The sky is just starting to get light when I get to work (7am). But the bright (pun intended) side is that soon again I will get to see the sun rise and get the chance to photograph it all over again!
I love chronicling changes as they happen throughout my city. One of the best features of Madison is all of the lovely lakes. They are beautiful and I am so glad I get to drive past this one on my way to and from work. I love seeing the changes as the weather gets warmer and the snow melts...

Isn't Mama Nature amazing?

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