Tuesday, March 6

My City

This new feature will be primarily about.. you guessed it! The city I live in. Madison is such a wonderful city and I am very excited to pay homage to it. If you have ever been here you know that it is beautiful, and the people are lovely.

I love Madison for so many reasons, one reason I have really grown to love this city is because of its size. It is just the perfect size. It is a big enough city to call myself a city girl, but small enough to feel like a beautiful community of culture and families.
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I can't wait till spring and summer roll around so I can go out on the town with Lila. Madison has so many awesome events during the summer. Sometimes I like to go just so I can people watch!

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Have you ever been to Madison? What was your favorite part?


Sher said...

Great idea to write about your city! Yes, I've been to Madison. Back in the early 80's my friend drug me there because that is where Rick Heiden lived. He was the gold medalist for speed racing (of some sort, don't remember). That was his home town and she was in love with him. Somehow she was able to get in touch with his sister so we had his address and we drove past his house 20 times. We were about 18 at the time. How funny!

If she knew I was writing this, she'd kill me! That was about 30 years ago. How time flies...

Sher said...

OOps! That's Eric Heiden, not Rick.

Colourscape said...

What a great idea! Such a pretty city you live in :D