Tuesday, March 20

Just in case you forgot...

I love this board and I wish I had pretty handwriting to make something like for my future apartment. I wrote about beliefs and behaviors in this post and I think this image sums it up nicely. 
I often come into conflict with myself because of this idea. I wish that my lifestyle wasn't so tied up in material things and everyone around me was more aware of the world around us. That sounds like a horrible excuse, doesn't it?
The point is, I know that my behavior could be better. Towards other people, towards the earth, and towards myself. I have pretty solid beliefs about the way things should be. But I don't always act on those beliefs. I don't always go out of my way to help someone in need. I don't always treat others the way I expect to be treated.
I am not as environmentally conscious as I would like to be.
I don't always put healthy things in my body. I don't get enough exercise, and I could take better care of my mental health.
I consider myself a good person, but there is definitely room for improvement. However I think this is part of the beauty of life; the fact that we are constantly evolving and always improving. I tend to avoid people who are single-minded and unable to see a different point of view, because I firmly believe in keeping an open mind, my opinions and beliefs are constantly changing and growing.
A friend of mine once said "I will never buy a bumper sticker because my ideas are not as permanent as a bumper sticker."
I love the thought that our beliefs and ideas are constantly evolving. I am proud of who I am, and I get inspiration from the fact that I can always change who I am and I will always have the opportunity to learn and do new things.
So if your beliefs and your behavior do not line up exactly all the time, its okay. You are allowed some slack from time to time. 

Say Positive,

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