Wednesday, April 27

Daisy and Jacques

I already introduced you to Isis and Cleopatra, now here are Daisy and Jacques:
Daisy & Jacques

As you could guess, they are brother and sister. We tell them apart because Jacques has longer ear hair, and he also has a kink at the end of his tail! (Daisy is on the left)
My parents and I got these cats when I was a junior in highschool. (they are about 7 years old now)
They came from my uncle's farm. Their mother still lives on that farm and has at least one litter of kittens every year! 
Sometimes we call these cats "Circus Cats" because they sit (like in these photos) like they are showing off. They are also known as "Squirrel Cats" or "Bookend Cats" and sometimes "Dumb Inbred Cats" because I suspect they are slightly inbred. 
They aren't the smartest of cats but they have beautiful markings.
Jacques, on the right, was caught just after a yawn with his little fangs out!


creationsbycolette said...

They are so adorable!

Jessica said...

Your Cats are so cute. I had a cat that looked quite similar but she was all black. That was a long time ago though. After my divorce, she left my ex-husband's house never to return. I hope she found a good home.
To answer your ? about the well: my sister wanted a warm wishes well so that people could write personal sentiments on tags (that I will also be making for her) and then put them in the well. That way she has tags to place in her wedding album. The card box will be a separate creation, which I am working on now. Pics to follow. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Rachel W K said...

My childhood cat looked exactly like them, but with a little lighter coloring. Ours was a Maine Coon cat. They are actually incredibly smart and caring, so if yours our stupid I would also be suspecting inbreds lol!