Monday, April 4

Rainbows: Part 1 (Rainbow Week!)

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Happy Monday everyone! Maybe it's the promise of spring, the beginning of a new month, or the fact that I got 6 hours of sleep last night, but today I am in a colorful mood! So I am officially labeling this week, starting on the first Monday of April, Rainbow Week!
EDIT: I decided to make rainbows an ongoing theme in my blog, rather than just this one week. So hopefully this is the first of many rainbow-related posts!
In honor of this new holiday, I will be sharing pictures with you of various rainbows in my house. This is the back of a notebook I made for myself:

I will also be making a different treasury everyday related to rainbows. 

Feel free to join me in sharing rainbow-related pictures of your home or crafts and share the link here!

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Rachel W K said...

I LOVE that treasury it is too too happy! love it!