Friday, April 22

TGIF Favorites #2

So cute kitty pillows! 
(via: zolayka)
Totally funky and an awesome combination of modern and vintage in this stool.
 (via: ljindustries)
This necklace takes my breath away! Such a treasure.
I don't have any of the electronics that this case can hold, but I love elephants and isn't it so creative?
via: (boutiqueID)

Ooooh Myyyy Gooooodness! A rainbow bridal party!
To hold all of your stuff in the shower; a shower squid!
Perfect for Easter, right? Bunny ear salad servers!
These cookies look so cute and yummy! 

Adorable Bow Earrings!
(via: Fr33na)

Fun Links
DIY chalk board: Chic & Easy Chalk Board
Its so Grandma but so cute: Make your own Doily Lamp
I love this bag.
Check out this awesome umbrella.

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Rachel W K said...

Wow those ladybug cookies look so so yummy. And a rainbow bridal party, I never even thought of it! What a fun picture