Friday, April 22

Adventures on Ebay: Registration!

I am embarking on an adventure: trying to sell stuff on Ebay! I have a lot of stuff and now that it is spring I am inspired to start getting rid of it. A lot of the stuff is pretty nice and I feel guilty just giving it away, so I am going to try to sell some of it. I have no idea what I am doing, so I thought I should document my adventures here on my blog!

I took the first step and registered on Ebay today. Are you on Ebay? What's your member name? Mine is Missmerryweather16!

I am staying FAR AWAY from the shopping on Ebay because I am a compulsive shopper, and the last thing I need is more THINGS. So I click on the "sell" button in the upper right hand corner...

And I get the create your listing page! So I summoned my best description writing skills and photography skills and I placed my first Ebay listing!

(I had a little slip-up because I decided to change my "buy it now" price after I left the description page, and I hit the back button instead of "edit" so I lost all my writing and had to write everything again!)

Another awesome thing is that Ebay has all the different shipping options available so I can estimate what shipping will be for my items. I'm not super familiar with shipping clothing, so that was really helpful!

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Rachel W K said...

Good luck on ebay! I have a super old account that I only use to sell my handbags. I'm a compulsive handbag shopper so sometimes I just gotta make room for new ones :) I hope you sell!