Friday, April 15

TGIF Favorites!

This is the first Friday Favorites I have ever done! I love looking at other bloggers' favorites and I think its about time I share my own. Do you have any Friday Favorites?

I love love love pansies! They are my favorite thing to paint with watercolors. I can't wait to plant some in my yard soon!
(via _Kiter_)

I'm glad I'm not this guy.
(via unknown)

Cat in a basket!
(via unknown)

I have to get my baby one of these!

Cute shoes, right? Guess what... they are made out of chocolate!

How awesome is this Upcycled Kitty Bed!

Barefoot Sandals! I wish I lived on a beach.

 I can't wait till beach time!
(via mahwah4me

Eeeep so cute!!!

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Rachel W K said...

Alright those cat pictures are insanely adorable. And my first ever 'real' painting was of a purple pansy in 4th grade! They are fun to paint.

Thanks for sharing your faves!