Saturday, March 26

This is Isis

She is very very sweet but particular about her human friends. She is the biggest cat in the house, but its all muscle. She also has to loudest and most un-ignorable meow of all the cats in the house.

(I will post photos of the other three cats in my house later this week so check back soon!)

Non Sequitor
I overheard the strangest line today while walking out of Olive Garden:

(a woman is talking to her husband) "How many times have you bought guns and not told anybody about it?"



Orange Blossom Boutique said...

Isis is beautiful! We have a cat, she's my sons, and we've had her since she was born. She just turned 15 this month!

Rachel W K said...

looks so soft and fuzzy!! Is she a maine coon? I had a cat that looked very similar!

creationsbycolette said...

She is adorable, I have always wanted cat around :D

Jacqueline said...

adorable ...
I am so glad your joining me for the April Bunny Blog Hop – as my thanku I have a gift for you on my blog ;click here to claim.
Can’t wait to see your BUNNY project – see u Friday for the hop.
Hugs. ~ Jacqueline

Courtney said...

AWW KITTY! I love the cuteness of cats, but in real life we don't really get along, so I just see them on the internet :)

ANDDD WTF?! People say the weirdest things, they should be aware other people might be listening, LOL.

To answer your question, yes, I have a tripod but no remote yet, just a crappy self timer which makes autofocus difficult.


PoodlePoddles said...
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PoodlePoddles said...

She is adorable! :)
I have a cat that's fluffy like Isis!
I actually did a blog post about my kitty if you want to see! :)

The Old Block House said...

Gorgeous cat. She reminds me of Oscar, a stray that stayed with us for a little while.

As for the gun comment. OHMY!

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