Saturday, March 19

Tippie Toes!

I am still in love with the Sally Hanson nail polish strips, but they are kinda pricey ($10) so I noticed that Broadway Nails makes a similar thing for half the price. Of course you get what you pay for, and they aren't nearly as nice. They are more like stickers than real nail polish strips, so they don't stretch to fit your nails like the Sally Hanson ones do. Also the sizes are really weird, there are too many large strips. So I was staring at the larger-than-my-thumb sized strips wondering what I could do with them, when suddenly I got an idea:
(I didn't do a great job shaping my toenails when I cut them because I won't be showing them off yet- its a little too cold! But at least now I have a new style for summer!)
They are so quick, and when your done you just have to peel them off!


creationsbycolette said...

I have been eying those strips at Target, good to know there is a more price efficient buy :) Your toe nails look absolutely adorable!

Garden Gate Designs said...

That is an interesting concept. My Grandaughter was wondering about those. Have to show her your pic and blog.

Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs