Sunday, March 13

New Nails

The final product: 

First I started out with plain houndstooth nail polish strips:
Then I quickly got bored with them so I snazzed them up a bit:
(and got nail polish all over my hands - left hand)

(right hand)

and added my matching hairclips and bracelet from B. Radley! I love that shop and they have great stuff on sale!
(see bracelet in top photo)

Thanks for reading, have a great evening and happy daylight savings!!!


I'm Erica! said...

so so pretty :) it makes the pink really pop!

you completely cracked me up when you left a comment saying you didn't know what beanie wienies are HAHAHAH! (sorry, that might not be funny to you) here in the south thats a staple. its pork n beans & hot dogs cut up into bite size pieces, you mix them together & yum! its very inexpensive & my family loves them. plus it comes together in no time! ♥erica

Orange Blossom Boutique said...

Great nails! I love how your polish matches your hair clips!

Rachel W K said...

Wow! Looks like somebody's ready for spring... :)