Thursday, March 10

Time for Myself

After my baby was about one month old, I started trying to do something for myself at least once a day. One of the things I love to do is paint my nails:

OPI is my favorite brand of nail polish, this is from Katy Perry's new line of colors, this color is called "The one that got away." I really wanted to try the "black shatter" polish that is designed to go over a color and get a crackely, but the salon was out when I went to pick some up :( Oh well, this color is really pretty by itself, don't you think? It goes with a lot of things, including my pretty new camera bag:

Actually its not technically a camera bag, it is a Clinique makeup bag but I have so many of those that I have to use some of them for something other than makeup!


Orange Blossom Boutique said...

OPI is my fave polish, too. Some of my old faves (if they still make them?) are NYPD Beat, and Black Tie Optional. It's good to take time for yourself! I'll have to look for your color. I like it!

kziegler said...

nice! i prefer painting my toes (it cracks off my nails the next day, then i obsessively pick at it. that's a cute bag too - hooray for upcycling! :)