Friday, November 18

TGIF Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I had a less stressful week this week, but was blown away by the snow! Have you had any snow where you are? I am keeping busy planning Lila's 1st birthday!! 
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Here are some gorgeous things I've been drooling over:

 I love this hand-knitted afghan! I also love the couch, and both of the pillows!

These adorable hand made owl gadget cases are made to order!

How freaking adorable is this kitty hat!?!?

These adorable paintings would be perfect in the baby's room!

Check out all of these beautiful new turquoise pieces at Moorea's shop!
I am in love with this whimsical leafy scarf!

These bath salts look so dreamy! They are definitely on my Christmas list!

Isn't this photo lovely?

I'm always a sucker for beautiful and unusual shoes!

I love this whole entire outfit! Especially the umbrella!

This display is so breath taking!

I can't wait to have my own bathroom so I can display these beautiful perfume bottles!

1 comment:

Kala said...

Lovely selection, I like all of them. My favorite is the perfume bottles:)