Wednesday, November 30

Good Morning!

Hello and good morning!

I have an extremely stressful last 10 days... Lila's been sick and throwing up for 10 days :( We've been in the ER three times and to the doctor twice, and she received IV fluids and some anti nausea meds. Anyways she seems to be doing better then all of a sudden she will throw up everything she's eaten. They ruled out a bacterial infection and a blockage, so they think its just a really bad case of the flu. Bleh. Thankfully I haven't gotten sick yet, but both my parents got it.  So that is why I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile!

But I have some news! First things first: I am featured in a BNR treasury today! Click here to see it!
If your not sure what a BNR Treasury is, I will tell you. BNR means "Buy and Replace" so if you buy anything (over $4.00) from any of the shops featured in the treasury, you will be featured in the next round! I just discovered these so I am considering this an experiment, and hoping for some sales! Have you had any luck with these before?

Also I having a 30% off sale in my shop until Friday: use the code HappingThanksgiving11 at checkout! I posted a ton of new cards recently, including these:

Also I am doing my very first craft show this weekend! I will share more details with you later this week, maybe tomorrow! I have so many things to share, including Lila's birthday photos! So check back soon!


Rachel W K said...

so sad to hear about your little girl, I hope she recovers quickly! good luck at the fair, and have fun :)

-rachel w k

Cabootique said...

Sending well-wishes your way. Hope your girl feels better!
Really cute cards, by the way.