Wednesday, November 16

Mini Christmas Cards!

This week I've finally got my crafty hat on, and I've been making Christmas cards! Did I you tell you about the HUGE yard/garage/house sale that I went to a couple weekends ago, where I got tons and tons of paper and cardmaking supplies for garage sale prices? I probably got $500+ worth of stuff, for under $50. It was insane. So that has really inspired me to get creating! Here are my latest creations:

These little cuties are available in my shop individually and in sets of four. You can even pick which four you want! Aren't they adorable? More on the way soon!


AsteropeBC said...

What a great find! New supplies can be a great inspiration. I love your cards!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great cards! What an awesome deal on paper supplies!

Tisha said...

Adorable cards. Love the snowman.