Sunday, October 16

Vintage Dresses!

A couple of weeks ago I nannied for a boy across the street while his parents were out of the country. It was an adventure, especially since I had Lila with me! But he is an awesome kid and we had lots of fun. Anyways, his Mom works with vintage clothes as a hobby... so of course, we got to talking about vintage! She explained that she is probably getting out of the business and she has a bunch of clothes she won't be able to sell... so she gave me a few things! Woo-hoo! I was so thrilled! Check these out:
I tried them on immediately after taking these photos, and they fit so perfectly! She didn't even know what size I was, she just looked at me and said "these will fit you!" Wow. I am so inspired!
The fabrics are so lovely, and I can tell that they are in general a higher quality than clothing manufactured these days! So to sum up, I am officially hooked on vintage!
I feel so posh wearing these. They look a lot neater on me than on the hangers! I can't wait to show you!

Do you have any vintage dresses? Where did you get them?

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Cabootique said...

Those are gorgeous! Can't wait to see how you style them.
I've had some good luck finding vintage dresses lately - just picked one up at a local craft fair today.