Thursday, October 13

Thrifty Finds: Knick Knacks

Remember the thrifting trips I went on when I found these shoes? Well here are some other awesome knick knacky things I found as well! What is this thing called, a potholder?
It needs a little wipe down, but other that than it is in near perfect condition! Obviously I don't have a kitchen to use it in right away, but little purchases like this keep me motivated and inspired for when I get my own place!
I couldn't resist a magical cat book for fifty cents! I adore the pictures in this, too.
Does this count as granny squares? I don't see why not! Anyways, I have been ogling other blogger's granny square quilts that they scored thrifting, and I've been dying for some of my own! I have to admit I don't love the colors of this one, but it is still pretty and fun to look at!
Some awesome pieces of lace - the big ones on the bottom are curtains and the others are doily-type thingies. When I picked out the big curtain I thought it was just one, but I didn't realize there were actually three each priced separately! I didn't even notice till I got home and looked at the receipt! Oops! 
I am also starting a collection of milk glass for my future apartment. One of these used to be a bath salts container and still smells lovely! I have a few more vases in storage... can't wait to see them all on display!

Also, that pretty background is a piece of fabric I bought on that trip! I am so happy with how these photos turned out!

Have you found anything fun lately? What is your favorite thing to look for when you go thrift shopping?

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