Saturday, October 29

Baby Fashion Inspiration

They make the cutest clothes for little girls! This is one reason I was so tickled when I found out I was having a girl! The clothes are just way better! In fact, I often find myself wishing they made things in my size! I would totally rock each of these outfits:


On a different note, Have you taught your children sign language? Or do you know anyone who has?
I am trying with Lila Rae, and I haven't had much luck yet. She's 11 month old now, and she definitely understands some words and "talks" a lot. I've been trying to teach her the sign for "all done" as tapping her head with both hands. Sometimes she will imitate me when I do it, and a couple times she has put her hands on her head when she was eating, but I don't know if she knows what it means or not! I'm also trying to teach her "more." I've had no luck with these signs, and I'm hesitant to add any more. There are lots of books (and videos!) with signs to teach to babies, but none of them actually give you advice on how to do it! Should I start with one at a time? Does it help to move her hands to the motions as well? I am in totally new territory here and I don't know my way around! So if you have any advice or experience with this subject, I'd love to hear it!!!

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