Thursday, October 20

Fashion Favorites: Bow Shorts

I totally meant to post this like months ago when it was still actually summer... but its okay! Never fear! Because these adorable shorts can be worn with tights for fall! I am just starting to get the guts to wear shorts with tights... maybe I will do a post on it soon! In the meantime, here are some lovely bow shorts!

These would totally be my style if I wore shorts... but my legs always look too long, or the shorts look too short! I used to get comments in highschool about wearing "short shorts" and it made me sooo self conscious! I'd wear the same shorts as everyone else but I guess they looked different on me! Do you have anything like that that makes you self conscious?

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Cabootique said...

I love the look of shorts with tights! So cute for the cold weather.
I'm self conscious about wearing shorts but for the opposite reason - I'm so short with short legs and I don't think they look flattering on me.