Sunday, October 30

10 Things Making Me Smile

1) A perfectly organized play corner:
and then...
2) A smoothie made with frozen berries, yogurt and apple juice!
3) Destructo-Baby

4) Candy Corn!
 5) The last goodies in the garden ~ Collard Greens and Swiss Chard!

6) My nails ~ I wish I could have gotten a better picture of them (can you tell they sort of fade to darker blue sparkles from bottom to top?)
7) Hangin' outside with Lila Rae!

8) Perfectly posing cats:
9) Lila's new shoes!
10) These pics of the butterflies I raised this summer from caterpillar eggs I found in my backyard!


Rachel W K said...

very fun photos, i love the picture of your girl in the hamper. I used to always fall asleep in the warm clothes hamper when i was small lol.. so cute!

-rachel w k

Anonymous said...

Your baby is so adorable and her shoes is very cute! :)