Monday, May 14

Happy {belated} Mother's Day!

Happy {belated} Mother's Day to mothers of all kinds out there!
I had this post all ready to go out yesterday. And by ready, I am mean 95% typed and the photos all ready, then our internet died. It stayed dead until sometime today while I was at work. So that' my excuse.
I wasn't sure how fun this mother's day would be, since we usually go out to brunch but going out to eat is harder these days with a toddler, and I don't think it feel very special to be chasing Lila all over a restaurant followed by annoyed glares from other customers. Luckily, our church had a Mother's Day brunch so Lila could run around and play with other kids while we ate. It was really nice to see her enjoying herself, and the food was excellent.
After brunch we took a quick trip to the arboretum to take some Mother's Day pictures.

Isn't Lila's outfit just the cutest?? 
Her dress was on the second-hand rack at Happy Bambino, although it still had the original tag on it!
The hat was $1.00 at Target!
Isn't she just adorable playing with her hat in the wind?
So, here's a funny story about me:
I started out the day in one of my vintage dresses (the bright pink one). After I was all ready and went to sit in the car, it ripped. Right up the backside. 
So I ran inside to change really quick, and I decided on this dress: (I added the pink belt from the previous dress.):
This particular dress I got at a garage sale last year for $2.00. The shoes are old dance shoes!
 How was your Mother's Day?

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