Tuesday, July 3

I can do this

What this means to me: Personally, I find the root of my self-doubt comes from the people around me who doubt me, or act as if they do. When I tell someone that I want to be a small business owner and they respond with "well that's a nice hobby, but what will you do for real?" I immediately think a little less of myself. Obviously if that person doesn't think I can do it, there must be some truth to that, right?

No. Wrong. I know in my heart that I can do this! How do I know? Because every day I see dozens of people who do stuff similar to what I want to do, and they do it successfully! I know it can be done! I have faith in my creativity, my motivation, and my abilities. I know I can do this.

But often I forget. I forget about those things, and its easy to think I'm not the type of person who can do this. So this week I am focusing my thinking on remembering who I am, and focusing on my positive qualities!

And if there is a quality that I don't have and I wish I did, then I focus on how I can cultivate that quality or make up for it in another way!

So who do you think you are?

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