Saturday, June 11

Top Ten Time Wasting Websites #7: Youtube and #6:Twitter

 The thing about Youtube is that it's everywhere. You can be reading someone's blog, and there's a youtube video. Looking at someone's Facebook page, there's a video. Even in the Etsy forums there's a link to a video.

The other thing about Youtube, is that once you watch one video, they hook you in by offering up a selection of other videos you might also like. Before you know it, you've watched 17 videos of kittens riding turtles.
But seriously, I love cute animal videos. They just brighten my day, and are so fun to watch with friends. My Dad wonders where I find all of them... oh just another one of my favorite time wasting websites.

My #6 time wasting website is Twitter. I recently got a Twitter account to help promote my Etsy shop. Now, I have trouble placing it at a number, because it doesn't really take up large block of time, I just like to check it frequently. Its also nice because you can link other accounts you have on the internet to your twitter account, and let people know what's new. So whenever I post a new item in my Etsy shop, I also tweet about it! I should probably do the same thing with my blog posts... hmmmmm....
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Della said...

I WISH I could get into twitter! This is where I'm sorely lacking. I just can't tweet. I suck at it!

Now, Youtube on the other hand....

check out bloopers! All kinds of bloopers. I like the fishing bloopers!

Love the animal videos!!! Especially the boxer puppies, and boxer dog videos!

That should give you some more to get sucked into! LOL! Have fun :D

Sher said...

I can't seem to get into twitter. The whole facebook thing confuses me! I do try to post things to facebook but I don't know if anyone is even looking at it. I know those things can become buried so fast.

I love cute animal videos too.

Rachel W K said...

um. that cat. in love. thank you. sharing with husband asap.
following you :) @ItsRachelDub