Wednesday, September 28

Outing with Baby

I think Lila was about 8 months old in these pictures (she is 10 month old now!). Her tolerance for shopping trips with me has definitely decreased since then. She loves being in the stroller outside, but not so much wandering around shops. But I did find an awesome distraction for her in this triple mirror!

That is one fun thing about going out and about with a baby, you see the world in a whole new way! Everything is entertainment, or something to explore, or a learning opportunity. As she gets more active, I am seeing more fearlessness in her and its fun because she is not afraid to explore new things, but it is also terrifying because of all the possible dangers in the world that she has no way of understanding! This is probably old news to all of you seasoned parents, but I am just discovering how hazardous my house could be! Anyways, here are some more lovely baby pictures!


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