Thursday, September 15

Grand Reopening!

Miss Merryweather is finally back! I am very excited to be blogging again. I've been putting a lot of thought and planning into my future blog posts, so I really hope you like what is to come! While I have a lot in common with a lot of other bloggers, there are many things that are unique about me, and I plan to show off those things a little more in my blog.

I am also avoiding falling into any labels, ie "mom blog" or "fashion blog" or "craft blog" because while each of these things is a part of me, not one of them completely describes me.

So in this "new and improved" blog I plan to put lots of fashion inspiration, regular updates and photos of me and my baby, thoughts on life from my point of view, some DIY projects I've found and tried online, and lots of showcasing of other blogs, shops, and talents that I find along the way!
I love anything that is inspiring, including photography, fashion, anything handmade, DIY, homemade food, creative blogs, independent business owners, parents (of children and critters!), the natural world, and a variety of books, television and movies. What inspires you?

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